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Tencent Announces A Plan For Enhancing ROE Steam In The Future

Tencent is putting their effort into making ROE the best survival game on Steam, and recently, NPG of this game title has just given out a detailed plan for developing it. In the forthcoming time, Ring of Elysium promises to become a big opponent of its predecessor – PUBG.

About the plan

Period 1 – Plan for October

Optimize the client

  • Optimize the performance of the game. FPS will be increased by 15% and the frame will be reduced by 30%.

New language support

  • Portuguese
  • Russian

Anti – Cheat

Continue to improve the performance of the Anti-Cheat system

Period 2 – Update Adventurer Season 1 Major


Optimize a variety of character images in TPP mode (third-person perspective)

The development team is implementing rebuilding the character images in TPP mode by remaking the mobility for all the TPP images. This big fix will bring a brand new style as well as more details for the images, which makes them more suitable for the rest of the game. More information about this will be updated in the future!

Adventurer Pass system (Season 1)

Adventurer-Pass is a seasonal event system that happens every 10 weeks.

The player can get Adventurer Badge depending on the experience points that they have accumulated during the game. If you complete the daily or weekly challenges, you will earn a corresponding number of points or a prize for Adventurer Badge.

You can utilize Adventurer Badge to boost the level during your Adventurer Pass. The higher level it is, the higher the prize you earn.

All the prizes won’t have an effect on the fairness in the game.

Personal icon

Added a person icon to the game! The player is not able to customize the personal icon that they have in the collection.


Some dances were also added to the game! The player is now able to establish a lot of dances they have in the collection and utilize them in the game.

More customizations

Wallpaper of the lobby

Added a customization for the wallpaper of the lobby. Players can totally adjust the wallpaper of the lobby that they already have in the collection.

The sound of the lobby

Added a customization for the sound of the lobby. Players are able to adjust the songs in the collection when they are at the lobby

The loading screen

The loading screen also has its own customization.  Players can customize the loading screen that they have in the collection.


Added some brand new outfits and exclusive decorations, just like “Chrononauts Set” that is only available in Season 1. You can preview one of the Chrononauts Sets:

Chrononauts Set


Already added a customization to the Glider! Players can adjust the skin of the glider that they have in the collection. Take a look at some examples below:


Added a customization to the snowboards. You can adjust the skin of the snowboard that you have in the collection.


Climbing tools

Attached a customization to the climbing tools. Feel free to adjust the skin that you have in the collection.

Climbing tools


Backpacking also has its own customization. Feel free to customize the skin of the backpacking that is in your collection.

European Server

At the moment, the development team is putting their effort into speeding up the process of testing their GDPR. If there is an update of the process, a notification will be immediately sent to the gamers in the community.

Period 3 – Some future plans

Optimize the client

Upgrade the client to DX12, which brings a smoother gaming experience as well as an ability to present broader and more interesting views in the game. Also, the dynamic lighting system in real time, together with some features will be added to the game.

Language support

More languages will be featured and supported in the game.

New map – Island map

In order to respond to the requests of loyal and passionate gamers, the developers are bringing the old island map back in the Beta version in Thailand with a lot of great features while maintaining the first outstanding points.

The developers are full of confidence when releasing this map and they do hope it will bring an excitement to both the old players and the new ones of ROE. Please continue to follow and catch up with all the major announcements in terms of developing the game in the forthcoming time.

Finally, the developers already collected a lot of recommendations of the players via email (ROE@tencent.com) as well as the communities, which helped them a lot. They will release an event to collect more recommendations given by the players of ROE game in the future.

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