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Tencent announced the plan to upgrade Ring of Elysium

A detailed plan to upgrade Ring of Elysium

Ring of Elysium is a great MMO Battle Royale-based game in which you must survive to win. After a short time, three stages that Tencent will use to help RoE game become the dominator of the popular survival genre have been finally revealed.


It has been almost a month since RoE game released Early Access (still experimental) on Steam on September 18, 2018. Although facing a lot of difficulties at that moment, Ring of Elysium game has achieved certain success because of the beautiful graphics, attracting gameplay and the great support of fans throughout the world.

Due to that unforeseen successfulness, Tencent determined to invest and refine RoE game. From that decision, the intention to develop RoE game with three stages is officially carried out. We will come to the first idea which will occur in the present month.

Phase 1 – October plan

Optimize Client

  • Make use of the performance in Ring of Elysium game– increase FPS to 15% and reduce 30% in frame problems

Support new languages

  • Portuguese
  • Russian


  • Continuously improve the performance of the Anti-Cheat system to prevent unfair matched in Ring of Elysium

Phase 2 – Update Adventurer Season 1 Major

Make the best of in TPP mode (third-person perspective)

Overhaul TPP character animation by doing the movement for all again, that massive fix will provide another style and add more details, making them appropriate for the rest of RoE game

Adventurer-Pass system


Release Adventurer-Pass Season 1, which is similar to ranking

Adventurer-Pass is an event system following each season every 10 weeks. Completing daily challenges and weekly quests will allow you to gain the corresponding XP or rewards for Adventurer Badge.

You are able to choose Adventurer Badge to level up your Adventurer-Pass. When you progress, you will get more valuable prizes. Every award will not affect the fairness in Ring of Elysium game.

Individual icon

Add personal icons so players can customize what they have in the collection


Supply a series of dancing moves so you can set up what you own and deploy them during the match

Additional customization


  • Lobby background image, you can adjust images related to the lobby background if you want
  • Hall music, you can modify BGm songs in the hallway.
  • Game loading screen, you can customize it with items available in the list
  • The outer page, add unique clothes and ornaments like the Chrononauts Set of Season 1. They include:
    • Gliders, players can choose the favorite glider skins
    • Snowboards, not different from gliders, you can pick any skin that you love
    • Climbing gear
  • Backpacks
  • European server

Currently, Tencent is still trying to boost the GDPR testing process. If there is an update, they will announce instantly.

Phase 3 – Future plans

Much more client optimization

Upgrade Client to DX12, giving a smoother gaming experience, better presentation capabilities. Adding a dynamic highlight system based on the real time, and other exciting features.

Language support

You will have more options to single out the language that you are looking for. It means that more people can join the match in RoE game easily.

Island map

Island map

To meet the demand of loyal players around the world, the old map is being taken back in the beta trial Thailand in the second stage of the year, along with new features while keeping initial outstanding ones. Discover that area and you must defend yourself carefully to advance and be the last standing man.

With everything that Tencent decided to finish, they wish that they can surpass PUBG and even dominate the top spot on the ranking of games which are inspired by Battle Royale survival style.

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