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Ring of Elysium: Tencent Releases The New Update For Halloween Event

NPH of ROE game also has just released a brand new update for this Halloween 2018! The new update focuses on lots of awesome events, together with bug fixes, gameplay, and sound alteration. They all promise to make the game even more engaging to play during the Halloween season.

About the Halloween update


When the last round comes, the image scope of the helicopter will be now displayed on the map.

Already optimized the distance of moving up and down of the Monster Truck.

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Added the support for the display mechanism of the pumpkin hat.

Halloween Event

From October 29th to November 4th, players can totally receive the exclusive Pumpkin Head via the daily check-in system. Pumpkin Head will be used as the first check-in bonus of the week. Players are also able to receive Halloween Crates as a special check-in bonus from 2nd to 7th of the week. Among them, the players will be guaranteed to receive a green or a purple crate.

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From October 29th to November 4th, players will probably receive free crates from both daily and weekly purchases.

From October 25th to November 4th, the appearance of Airdrop will be changed into a big pumpkin.


Optimized the sound of all types of vehicles.

Bug fixes

Fixed the application freeze problem dual-core CPU.

Fixed a problem where players could be kicked out of the game if they logged in too much.

Fixed a problem where players could be identified from other areas when using VPN or Proxy.

Fixed a trouble when the screen kept blinking.

Fixed an issue where the items still kept displaying in Airdrop and couldn’t be seen.

Fixed an issue where the female character didn’t have the sound effect when dancing.

Fixed an issue causing the sound of M200 to be inaccurate.

Fixed an issue when the sound effect of Adrenaline Rush was still there when transferring the player in the observation mode.

Fixed an issue causing the glider to be malfunctioned when the character got destroyed on the glider.

Fixed an issue obstructing the character’s activity.

Fixed an issue blocking the breakthrough of the bullets.

That’s all for the new update of ROE! With the ability to identify the accounts from other regions when using VNP or Proxy, players totally feel ease when playing the game. Hopefully, this awesome Halloween update will bring you unforgettable memories in the Halloween event.

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