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Ring of Elysium: Big Update with the new map and additional MG4 & PKM

Big Update with the new map and additional MG4 & PKM

Season 2 of Ring of Elysium game will start next week with the appearance of a map named Europa Island.

New Map – Europa Island

  • Europa is a cool location in the heart of the ocean in Ring of Elysium game. It is surrounded by the water and it owns a magnificent coastline with lots of plants and a warm climate. Surely, it is a great destination for holidays. Unfortunately, a volcano called Alecto has erupted after being quiet for tens of thousands of years. Its activity makes the sea tremble and causes the paradise to turn into a hell on earth.

Ring of Elysium

  • There are tons of different unique spots such as Ocean Park, St. Gabriel Cathedral, Seafood Market, Marius Observatory, Sidon Castle, Underwater World, and so on.
  • The natural disaster in Ring of Elysium game is volcanic ash which is emitted by the volcanic eruption, quickly covering neighbor zones.
  • Aside from that, there is a system with a variety of weather like sunny, light rain, thunderstorms, cloudy, typhoons, and much more. It changes during a game round.
  • Have 3 types of ability packs: Glider (Europa), BMX bike, and Grappling hook
  • Added 6 new vehicles: Tuk-tuk, roadster, police car, sightseeing submarine, dinghy, and speedboat
  • Added 2 light machine guns: the MG4 (airdrop only) and PKM
  • Modified some color or appearances of means

Adventurer Pass Season Two

  • The Adventurer Pass is a 10-week seasonal event system in Ring of Elysium game. It is a method that you can choose to gather exclusive rewards. Try to level up seasonal Adventurer Tiers! When your Adventurer Tier is advanced, you will obtain more kinds of prizes. They are:
  • Adventurer Characters (Bradley, Sylvia, Alfonso) – They have not the same outfits.
    • Player portraits
    • Glider (Europa) costumes
    • BMX bike looks
    • Grappling hook sets
    • Lobby background music
    • Loading screens
    • And more!
  • The Adventurer Pass is divided into two parts:
    • Free Pass – You can receive rewards by boosting Adventurer Tiers
    • Adventurer Pass – You can purchase it for 950 E-Points, a premium in-game currency collected with real-world money via Steam payment (1000 E-Points is approximately $9.99 USD)
  • Weekly Challenge Missions: They will offer a lot of Adventurer Badges and character experience points which allow you to upgrade your levels and Adventurer Tiers. The Season Two in Ring of Elysium game will grant 10 sets of Weekly challenge quests. If the season progresses, one set will be opened per week.

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