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Ring of Elysium – A Battle Royale game of Tencent released in South East Asia

About Ring of Elysium

Ring of Elysium is one of the most popular games based on Battle Royale genre. It is officially opened in a few Southeast Asian countries. Ring of Elysium is also known as Europa, a title inspired by Battle Royale style developed and released by Tencent. Among clones of PUBG, Ring of Elysium is considered as a high-quality product with many exciting new features in the gameplay.

Since cooperating with Bluehole and developing works belonging to PUBG on both PC and mobile platforms, games by Tencent started to be abandoned and Ring of Elysium is no exception. Fortunately, that distinction only focuses on the media aspect, after changing the title from Europa, ROE is still operating successfully and has approached two nations in South East Asia: Thailand and Indonesia, under the Garena release.

Ring of Elysium provides to the player the cool Battle Royale game. Aside from revolving around gun battles of 100 people, the environment and scenes in ROE are taken care. Types of weapons for medium, close and long range, vehicles, and techniques are better than stuff that you have seen in PUBG.

A fierce survival combat

We have the Ring of Elysium Indonesia Official Trailer that you can watch right now. It is where you and hundreds of opponents are forced to deal with dangerous situations so as to keep staying alive. It’s best to choose and use guns proficiently.

An interesting inventory

There are tons of amazing items in Ring of Elysium. But, glasses that help you spot everything around you at night, with a wide canopy resembling a parachute attached to your body by a harness, armored means and the ability to destroy the surroundings are the center of the trailer. These details are regarded as the main feature that Europa can compete with PUBG. If you watch the image below, you can see some objects like walls will be used to hide. Nevertheless, they can be broken by bullets. Meanwhile, the wooden bridge will be shattered into small pieces caused by a strong hit of a motorboat.

Europa is researched and completed by the tool named QuickSilver X. Europa reminds us of a famous destructive method in the Frostbite engine and can adjust the traditional gameplay having a tendency to defense. In which, hiding places that are considered steady can be collapsed in an instant.

Besides, you can learn much more about how to download and install.

Ring of Elysium Download and Install

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