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How to download and use SoftEther VPN

As previously announced, Ring of Elysium is currently available on Steam but there are still several countries that are unable to get access to the game for some reasons. So, if you are interested in ROE Steam version and want to experience it, you need to utilize a program to mock up IP. That program is called SoftEtherVPN. Follow every single step below to install SoftEtherVPN and fake IP:

  • Step 1: You can search for SoftEther VPN on the Internet to download, or click here to download it.
  • Step 2: Decompress the file and install it (this step is simple, just simply click Next).
  • Step 3: Launch SoftEther VPN, double-click on VPN Gate Public Replay Servers, there will be a notification popping up, then you just click OK.Open VPN Gate PublicGet VPN List
  • Step 4: Now, you will see a list of all VPN servers of many different countries. Pick on VPN then click Connect to the VPN Server->Agree->OK.Select and Connect to VPN
  • Step 5: Now, VPN is completely connected. You will see a phrase like this VPN Gate Connection with a status Connected in the frame above while the frame below displays VPN Client Adapter – VPN. Now, you have already installed SoftEther VPN and faked IP successfully.Connect VPN Success

After successfully installing SoftEther VPN and mocking up IP, you can totally enjoy and experience Ring of Elysium on Steam.

Download and Install Ring of Elysium on Steam

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