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Download and Install Ring of Elysium on Steam

Ring of Elysium is currently accessible on Steam, but for some kinds of reason, some countries can’t get access to it, making them unable to experience ROE on Steam. Therefore, you need to use an application to fake IP if you want to experience ROE Steam version.

Follow the guide below here to find out how to use SoftEther VPN to fake IP:

  • Step 1: Download SoftEther VPN to fake IP

    How to download and use SoftEther VPN

  • Step 2: Turn on the fake IP of SoftEther VPN, then you log into Steam and search for Ring of Elysium (or visit here). When the download begins, you can turn off SoftEtherVPN temporarily for the faster downloading speed possible.
  • Step 3: Connect to “Japan” VPN -> Change country on your steam account using the browser “Japan” -> Change country on your steam account using the steam app “Japan” (suggestion by Brian Harly). You can change Japan to other country not in the ban-list of ROE.Download Ring of Elysium Steam SuccessInstall Ring of Elysium Steam Success
  • Step 4: After successfully downloading the game, now you turn on the fake IP of SoftEther VPN back, and launch the game normally. Note: For the first time entering the game, you will receive a notification: “Are you in the European region or not?” If you’re not in the European region, just click “No” to enter the server that is suitable for your current region (NA and AS servers).ROE Steam Loading Screen
  • Step 5: When you’re at the main screen of the game, you can turn off the SoftEther VPN for a lag-free gaming experience.Create Character on ROE Steam

Good luck and wish you successfully install Ring of Elysium on Steam!

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