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ROE Early Access Patch Notes Now Available!

ROE: Early Access Patch Notes Released Since March 31

It is the official patch notes for the Access stage within Ring Of Elysium game. It’s easy to look up the full detail right here!

64-bit client

The 64-bit ROE client beta test worked effectively. In other words, it was successful. The ROE team determined to build a 64-bit version of the major client that is able to make the previous  32-bit client get outdated.

Besides, you should remember that people who are still operating a 32-bit edition of Windows for their favorite Ring Of Elysium game cannot play due to the following change.

ROE Lucky Draw- Phase 3

Lucky Draw has returned and it is also upgraded with the completely new rewards. When you access Ring Of Elysium game at moment, you can look for an amazing prize pool which consists of exciting accessories not existing before, together with a Saki vehicle, traversal equipment, and so on!

Here is the event period for fans of ROE! It begins on April 1 and ends on April 28, 2019 (Pacific Time).

Fortunately, the cost for the draw has been lowered to 50 E-Points from 100.

ROE Lucky Draw- Phase 3

ROE Lucky Draw- Phase 3

RTI Elite Pack

RTI Elite Pack

The ROE Thailand Invitational event (RTI) hosted by Garena will take place in Bangkok, Thailand on April 7. Therefore, the developer constructed a pack of RTI-themed exclusive swags which is only valid for a short period.

The RTI Elite Pack will be activated for 1200 E-Points from April 1 to April 14, 2019. Items in the pack are based on the RTI theme and they are unique. They will comprise an SUV appearance, Groza skin, accessory, etc. They are estimated about 2,000 E-Points.

RTI Elite Pack

RTI Elite Pack

RTI Elite Pack


RTI Elite Week Challenges in Ring Of Elysium game

During the phase that the RTI occurs (April 1st – April 7th), you and competitors can log on and obtain special daily quests that are effective to boost up your experience.

Gameplay: Pirate Ship

When playing ROE game, you can’t target once you go aboard the pirate ship.

The relevant barrel’s animations have been optimized.

After setting sail, the camera will be adjusted closer to you.

Bug fixes

It is a necessary part of almost updates. Explore Ring Of Elysium game and you could encounter lots of unexpected issues. Since the Early Access Patch Notes, many of them will not exist or be improved.

  • Fixed a bug in some situations where the grappling hook sound effects could not emit
  • Fixed the footstep noises that were not performed properly
  • Fixed the trouble related to the Saki’s skin tone while indoors
  • Fixed the Saki’s neck model
  • Fixed the lobby BGM that blocked the player in ROE game after they left the party
  • Fixe the in-game push to communicate feature which could not act up if the key binding was installed to “X”
  • Fixed the “leave pirate ship” prompt that popped up after you got off the ship
  • Fixed the “board pirate ship” prompt that appeared wrongly when you or somebody glided to approach the ship
  • Fixed the water textures
  • Fixed the weapon frost effects in FPP of the ROE game or in ADS mode on Mt. Dione
  • Fixed the airdrop crate’s burning effect which was not sometimes visible under the typhoon
  • Fixed the character who was trapped close by the airdrop crates in the water
  • Fixed the Captain Fokke’s model when it was attached with the Bowknot
  • Fixed the players that were not able to pick out traversal equipment packs with the Left mouse button
  • Fixed the bug that weapons were not found in the Token Shop
  • Fixed the too dark color of SUV – “Black & Grey” vehicle skin
  • Fixed the locked grappling hook reward which was unlocked
  • Fixed the loot model for LVOA-C’s “Hive” and “Raven” skin
  • Fixed the appearance of the LVOA-C’s “Sweetheart” and “Raven” skin

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