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Ring of Elysium Patch Notes_July 30th 2020: Gunplay Visual Overhaul, Heroic Challenges, And More

Every detail in Ring of Elysium Patch Notes_July 30th 2020

It is the latest official Ring of Elysium patch notes. Here is the content that the update contains:

Heroic Challenges in RoS Patch Notes July 30th

It is the first part of the new Ring of Elysium Patch Notes_July 30th 2020 released that we want to show you, before Gunplay Visual Overhaul.

Dear Adventurers,

Heroic challenges have come back! It’s time you embark on your own journey and fulfill all of the missions that you are assigned!

So, you will obtain many exclusive rewards if you achieve the goal. They consist of portraits, accessories, and several interesting Adventurer Character Styles!

Edited Store since Ring of Elysium Patch Notes_July 30th 2020 is released

It is also a piece of the newest Ring of Elysium update. In which, the Adventurer Pass Bundle is currently in Store, for only 1980 E-Points, open up the S9 Adventurer Pass, 20 instant tier boosts, with 10 distinctive reward boxes.

Alongside Ring of Elysium Season 9 Patch Note, the Instant Tier Boosts are going back in stock. 1 Tier- 150EP, 10 Tiers- 1200EP, 20 Tiers- 2100EP. It’s simple to enter the shop and purchase them from now on!

ADS Overhaul inside RoS Update July 30th

You are joining the second chapter of Ring of Elysium Patch Notes (Jul.30.2020), with plenty of changes, for example,

  • Remodeled numerous scopes
  • Optimized the reticle’s presentation and upgraded some reticle styles
  • Added visual effects to the edge of scopes when controlling the camera in Ring of Elysium game
  • Further, added scope lens reflections and color cast effects
  • Developers did not forget to add the ADS Depth of Field visual effect option. It can be switched on by default so every user can adjust it in the in-game options.

RoS Patch Notes_July 30th 2020 launched a significant FPP Animation Overhaul

It is one of the entries of the current RoS Patch Notes with,

  • Optimized animations for characters’ movement along with jumps, ADS, and weapon sway
  • Remade the reload and ADS firing animations for every equipment

More mechanics within Ring of Elysium Patch Notes obtainable on July 30th, 2020

Here are three mechanics that RoS Update (July 30th, 2020) receives.

  1. New Mechanic- Breath Holding
  • Come to the existing update and you should figure out the best RoS guides to master how to use attachments, too. Indeed, the scope sway is better with 4X and 8X scopes.
  • Remember to press down Shift so you can successfully make the scope sway stable some time!
  1. New Mechanic- Bullet Penetration
  • Certain items in the RoS game can be penetrated by bullets. The damage will be measured based on the texture, the thickness, fire distance, and the weapon chosen to shoot.
  1. New Mechanic- Aim Punch
  • Added an aim punch camera shake effect when characters get hit, the screen shake intensity varies based on the amount of damage taken

Adjustments for effects in Ring of Elysium

There are two segments noticed in Ring of Elysium Patch Notes (July 30th, 2020)

  1. Special Effects
  • Optimized muzzle flashes and muzzle smoke effects
  • Besides, textures for bullet holes and other effects have been made the most effective use.
  1. Audio Effects
  • Added a realistic propagation delay for gunshot sounds
  • Optimized audio effects for bullets that move next to survivors

Moreover, we have other improvements in RoS Patch Notes on July 30. Specifically, Hitmarks’ UI placement is dynamic at the minute.

Ring of Elysium Patch Notes (Jul.30.2020) is fully available for everybody to get and uncover everything that it comprises. In order to give the ROS Dev Team a hand and enhance the quality of the game you love, please send your ideas and feedback to them right now!

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